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We ask all coaches adhere to the following code of conduct:

1. I will provide a safe playing environment. Attend a safety clinic at least once a year to review the basic principles of first aid. It is recommended that there are at least two adults at each practice. Ask parents to make sure players have water when it’s hot and humid.  Don’t coach if impaired by alcohol or drugs.

2. I will be a good sport. Be civil. Don’t verbally abuse players, fans, umpires, referees or other coaches. Lead by example and teach players and parents the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship. Treat all players, fans, coaches and officials with courtesy and respect.  Be cognizant of other’s sensitivities and refrain from offensive behavior or language.

3. I will remember that the game is for the children. Place the interests of the players ahead of your personal desire to win. Be able to honestly tell yourself that you operate in the best interest of all the kids at Carrollton, not just your child or your team. 

4. I will remember that different players have different abilities. Learn each player’s strengths and weaknesses and help them perform at their highest level.   Be respectful of each player’s abilities.  Keep all draft information confidential. 

5. I will read and understand the rules of my sport. Learn the rules for the appropriate age group of the sport in which you coach and teach them to your players.  Make available a copy of the rules to your parents or let them know where the rules are located.

6. I will do my best to know the skills of my sport. We are all volunteers and everybody starts off inexperienced. If you’re a rookie, buy a book on coaching and read it. Take advantage of the coaching clinics sponsored by the club. Find a good assistant coach. Watch and work with experienced coaches to improve your coaching skills.

7. I will prepare myself for practices. Don’t wait until you get to the court/field. Be organized and have a plan for each practice and for the season. Schedule practices as far in advance as possible and make sure your entire team is notified. Make practices challenging so they’ll hold the kids’ interest.

8. I will be responsible for the behavior of my players and fans. If a player, parent, or fan from your team behaves in a disorderly or unsportsmanlike manner, address the situation and remind the person of the Rules and the Code of Conduct.

9. I will communicate responsibly. Keep your parents and players informed. Make contact via text, e-mail, sports app, etc. with parents/players at least once per week during the season.  Keep in touch with and respond to your league coordinator. If a problem comes up during the season, talk to someone and resolve it before it gets out of hand.  Respond promptly to questions and concerns raised by parents or players.  If you are unable to resolve a problem, inform the league coordinator.  Abide by the guidelines in the grievance policy. 

10. I will do my best to make each child’s experience on my team a good one. Someday they will look back and tell their children about their Carrollton Booster coach. Make sure the memories are good ones.

Each child on your team is entrusted to your care by their parents or guardians and by Carrollton Boosters.
As an adult coach of children we ask you to carefully consider each item on this list before you volunteer to coach.



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