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Codes of Conduct for Coaches
Codes of Conduct for Parents and Fans


Please see links below for information regarding adjusted baseball/softball rules and policies that address COVID-19 precautions:

covid-19 addendum rules.pdf

carrollton covid policy.pdf


Registration for baseball and softball is opening Feb. 20!

Here's a list of some Frequently Asked Questions and answers to help guide you through our recreational baseball program.



The Carrollton Boosters baseball/softball program is a recreational intramural program for boys aged 4–15 as of April 30, 2021, and girls aged 4–13 as of December 31, 2020. Registered players are placed in one of the following leagues according to their date of birth: 

T-Ball and Baseball:
4-year old Boys & Girls coed T-Ball
5’s    Boys Baseball (Field F Beginner)*
6’s    Boys Baseball (Field F Advanced)*
7-8     Boys Baseball
9-10   Boys Baseball
11-12 Boys Baseball
13-15 Boys Baseball
*Boys will automatically be placed in the Field F Beginner or Advanced division based on their date of birth; however, parents can opt to have their son play in the alternate division simply by request to Registrar Alan Godchaux at [email protected] or to Commissioner Justin Lemaire at [email protected]
For more information about the format of each baseball league, please see the FAQ document on this page.

5-6     Girls Softball
7-8     Girls Softball
9-10   Girls Softball
11-13 Girls softball
Note that, due to low registration in recent years, we are no longer able to include a league for girls over 13 years old.

All players are drafted onto teams, then play a schedule of games beginning in late April or early May. It is expected that most leagues will end before July 4.  However, the playoffs in some leagues could extend further, into mid-July.  Games are played at Carrollton’s Riverview fields on the Fly, behind the Audubon Zoo.  13-15 year old boys play on Avenger Field, next to the Audubon tennis courts.  Coaches will schedule practices after the teams are drafted. Practices may be at locations other than where the games are played.  Players will be issued a team shirt and cap or visor, to be worn at all games. They will need an appropriately sized glove, plus either cleats (preferable) or tennis shoes.

For more information regarding the baseball/softball program, contact:

Baseball: Justin Lemaire at [email protected]  

Softball: Devin Wakeman at [email protected]

To register, log in to your Carrollton registration account (or create one if you haven't registered before.)  The fee is $185 for your first child, plus $160 for each additional child, plus a non-refundable $2 fee per transaction. You may pay on line by credit or debit card, or you may choose the option to send a check, but note that your registration is not considered complete until fees are paid. Players who are not registered will not be graded or drafted onto teams. Full and partial scholarships are available upon request.

Contact Alan Godchaux at [email protected] for help with registration or for payment assistance.

All players, except for the 4’s and 5-6’s, must be graded. Grading will begin as early as March 28, although the oldest league (13 and older) generally grades later.  Players in graded leagues need to be registered before the start of their league’s grading in order to be assured a spot in the league.  Grading will be conducted at Carrollton's baseball/softball complex on the Fly. 
Players need only attend one of the following sessions, which will remain open as long as there are players in line.


Please see below for detailed information on grading for the 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, and 13-15 age groups.

The mandatory grading for Carrollton Boosters baseball is scheduled as follows:

 7-8 Boys         Sunday, March 28      12:00 noon     Field D

                             Tuesday, March 30      6:00 pm           Field D

     Thursday, April 1          6:00 pm           Field D

9-10 Boys       Sunday, March 28      12:00 noon     Field A

                              Tuesday, March 30     6:00 pm           Field A

                              Thursday, April 1         6:00 pm           Field A

11-12 Boys     Sunday, March 28      2:00 p.m.        Field B

                               Tuesday, March 30    6:00 pm           Field B

13-15 Boys     Sunday, April 18        2:00 pm           Avenger

Each player only needs to attend one of the sessions offered. Players must be registered in order to grade.

Special COVID-19 Grading Instructions:

  •  Everybody visiting the Children's Hospital Baseball and Softball Complex and Avenger Field should wear a face covering except when on the field participating in drills. Face coverings are required when visiting the concession stand or bathrooms
  •  Players are permitted to wear personal protective equipment while participating in drills, so long as the equipment does not create a safety risk.
  • Parents, older siblings, and other guardians accompanying a player are asked to stand next to the player while the player is in line, and to proceed behind the backstop when the player enters the field to grade. Once the player has finished grading, please leave through your designated arrival gate. Because players will be standing in line with bats (see below), it is very important that parents and guardians provide supervision while the players are in line, particularly for younger players.

 Line instructions:

 Players appearing for 7/8 grading should line up starting at the field entrance closest to the third base dugout on Field D, with the line forming back out toward the Field F and the soccer fields. Please try to keep socially distanced while in line to the extent possible.

 Players appearing for 9/10 grading should line up starting at the field entrance closest to the first base dugout on Field A, with the line forming back out toward the entrance between Fields A and B. Please try to keep socially distanced while in line to the extent possible.

Players appearing for 11/12 grading should line up starting at the field entrance closest to the first base dugout on Field B, with the line forming back out toward the entrance between Fields B and E. Please try to keep socially distanced while in line to the extent possible.

Players arriving for 13-15 grading should enter through the main gate at Avenger, and line up starting at the field entrance closest to the first base dugout, with the line forming back out toward the gate. Please try to keep socially distanced while in line to the extent possible.

  • Players who have their own bats and helmets will be able to use them at grading. Bats and helmets will be available for players who do not have their own, and will be sanitized between uses.
  • In order to keep grading running as quickly as possible, players are asked to bring ONLY their fielding glove, bat (if they own one), and helmet (if they own one). Please do not bring bags or other equipment, as the unpacking and re-packing process slows grading down considerably.
  • The concession stand at the Children's Hospital Baseball and Softball Complex will be open.  Masks are required when visiting the concession stand. Please do not congregate near the concession stand.  The concession stand at Avenger Field will not be open during grading.


General Grading Instructions and FAQs:

What will happen at grading? The boys will be lined up for basic fielding and batting drills so that coaches and the league coordinators may assess skills. The boys should play to the best of their ability.

How long will it take? Potentially, a long time. Each of the kids will be put through the grading process individually. All of the coaches and coordinators will be there for EVERY grading session. While we will do our best to keep things moving, please be patient. The process has proven over time to create more evenly matched teams and a better baseball experience over the course of the summer.

I'm not a coach. Do I have to stay the whole time? No.  In fact, once your child has completed grading, we ask that you please leave the Complex in order to help reduce crowding.

 What should the boys wear? Comfortable clothes for baseball, and cleats if you have them.  Also, don’t forget a baseball cap.

Will there be a make-up? We may schedule limited make-up grading sessions if needed.  Please do not count on there being make-up sessions, and attend one the regularly scheduled grading sessions if at all possible.  At this time we do not yet have a date set for the potential make-up session(s).

I have two children in the league. Will they be on the same team? Yes, brothers are drafted together and assigned to the same team unless it is specifically requested that they NOT be put together.

My son has a favorite coach or friends with whom he would like to be paired. How do I handle this? Carrollton leagues are graded and drafted. We cannot consider or honor these requests.

May I show up at any grading day?  Yes, you may show up at any grading day.  You only need to go to one session.

I have friends or family members who haven't signed their kids up.  Is it too late?  No, but time is short!  We will continue to accept registrations at least until all grading sessions (including the make-up session(s), if held) are complete.

When will I be informed of team assignments? Teams will be drafted within a couple of weeks after grading. You will get an initial contact from your head coach within 24 hours after the draft.

When will we practice? Practice frequency, location, and days are entirely up to the coach and will vary.

When will I get a schedule? The schedule will not be provided until all drafts are completed.

When will the league start, how long will it last, on what days of the week will we play? We are planning for games to start around April 24. We could play any day of the week with Sundays likely only in case of rainouts. Most leagues will end before July 4, although there is a possibility of playoff games in some leagues after July 4 depending on the number of teams, weather, and other factors.

I have other questions.  To whom should I address them? The league coordinators for each age group are listed on the league pages of the website. Also, as the Commissioner of Baseball, I am happy to address any questions or concerns.

Justin Lemaire
Commissioner of Baseball
Carrollton Boosters

All players, including those in the beginner leagues, are assigned to teams through a player draft.  By registering your child, you agree to having him or her placed in the player draft, during which any of our volunteer coaches may pick him or her onto a team.  Carrollton Boosters does not guarantee placement of any player onto any particular team, or onto a team with any particular other player(s).  The only exceptions are that coaches get to pick their own children, and that siblings are placed on the same team, unless otherwise requested by their parent/guardian.  After players have been drafted onto a team, registration fees will not be refunded or credited, except in cases of illness or injury.

Parents/guardians should make note of Rule 6 of the rules for all players in the Carrollton Boosters Baseball Handbook before registering their children for baseball. 
Please refer any questions about this rule to Justin Lemaire at [email protected] 

Coaching is an excellent way to not only develop a greater appreciation for baseball or softball, but to also form a special bond with your son or daughter as the season progresses. If you are interested in being a coach, simply answer “yes” to the question when registering, then also register yourself as a volunteer coach, and we will contact you.
Please also consider sponsoring your child’s team. As a sponsor, you get to pick the team’s colors and name, and may include a business logo as well. The tax-deductible fee is $275 and can be paid with your child’s registration by credit card or can be paid later by a separate check or credit card. Answer “yes” to the sponsor question when registering your child.  Later, after you have completed your child's registration, please return to our web site and click on the sponsor form link in order to submit your sponsor info or, if you prefer, simply e-mail your info to us as per below. Your sponsorship will be attached to your child’s team unless you specify otherwise. If you have any questions, please contact Missy McLellan at [email protected] 

When registering, please also consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our Capital Fund. Contributions to this fund are used for continued additions and improvements to our fields and facilities.

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FIELD F BEGINNER (5 years old)
Michael Harowski
[email protected]

FIELD F ADVANCED (6 years old)
Jared Davidson
[email protected]

Wes Cannon
wes [email protected]

Austin Marks
[email protected]

Patrick Eagan
[email protected]

Matt Woolf
[email protected]

Johnny Culpepper
[email protected] 

11-13 LEAGUE 
Jeremy Mancheski
[email protected]

Michael Arata
[email protected]

13-15 LEAGUE

Jerry Conrad
[email protected]

Commissioner of Travel Teams
JT Nesser: 504.388.2564



11-12 Champions Green Wave

9/10 Champions Braves and Runners-Up White Sox

7/8 Champions Rockets and Runners-Up Dodgers

Field F Advanced Champions Dodgers and Runners-up Homerunners



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