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We ask all parents and fans to adhere to the following code of conduct:

1. I will let the players play. Players need to concentrate while they play and negative pressure from the fans does not improve their performance. Cheer them when they do well, encourage them when they don’t, but be positive in how you do it. Don’t expect more than they can deliver, and most importantly be a fan of everyone on the team, not just your own child.

2. I will let the coaches coach. Remember that your child’s coach may have a different style and/or philosophy than you. Some coaches believe that players should gain experience at all positions. Others believe it is better for the team if each player specializes at one position. Some coaches don’t care as much about winning and just want the kids to have fun. Others place more emphasis on winning and believe that even players that don’t play as much have more fun when they are on a winning team. It is IMPORTANT to remember that your child’s coach, not you, is responsible for how the team is managed. He or she volunteered to accept that responsibility and is giving up a lot of time for the love of the game and the kids. Your child’s coach deserves your cooperation and respect even if you disagree with how s/he manages the team.

3. I will let the officials officiate. Bad calls are going to happen but most officials are doing their best. Respect the official’s decisions and refrain from questioning a call. Blaming the referee/umpire for a bad outcome to a game is poor sportsmanship. If the ball takes a bad bounce, set a good example for the kids.  It is the coach’s responsibility to communicate with officials.  Be aware that the rules vary in different age brackets. 

4. I will be a good sport. Be civil and don’t verbally abuse players, coaches, umpires, referees, or other fans. Losing is part of athletic competition. Accept losing graciously and teach your child to do the same by your good example.  Never blame your child or another member of the team for a loss; teams win and lose together. Keep your post-game discussions with your child positive. If you don’t like something about the way the coach managed the game, keep it to yourself and don’t damage your child’s opinion of the coach.  Respect all players, coaches, officials and fans and refrain from offensive language or behavior. 

5. I will prepare my child to participate. Make sure your child gets to practices and games on time or better still early. Make sure they have the proper equipment and water. Notify your coach in advance if you will miss a practice or a game. Don’t expect the coach to teach your child everything s/he needs to know to play the game well. Even if you are not skilled yourself, spend time with your child practicing the skills of the sport. You may be surprised how much this small effort can help your child’s skills develop.

6. I will communicate responsibly. Your coach can’t address a problem if he or she doesn’t know it exists. Neither can the league coordinator or the commissioner. Most of the volunteer leaders at Carrollton Boosters will welcome constructive input about important matters delivered in a civil manner. Most won’t welcome your input if it’s petty or delivered in attack mode.  Follow the guidelines in the grievance policy if you have a complaint.

7. I will help keep the park/gym clean and safe. Please use the trash receptacles. If you see a child doing something they shouldn’t, especially something unsafe like swinging a bat or throwing a ball in a crowded area, stop them. We’re all in this together.



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