2014 Lacrosse season begins!

The fourth season of Carrollton Lacrosse is off to a very sweet start. With our largest roster of boys ever (82 players) and for the first time a girls’ team with 24 players, the 106 members of Carrollton Lacrosse are setting new standards on the field.

In 2014, we will field four teams – U11 Boys, U13 Boys, U15 Boys and the mixed age girls’ team. In addition, we will play a limited schedule of JV games with our remaining older players. We are blessed with a cadre of 12 coaches (all former lacrosse players) who volunteer hundreds of hours during the season to both give back to the game and help grow lacrosse in this area. The boys and girls of Carrollton Lacrosse are blessed to have such a talented and passionate group of coaches.

After our Fall Ball series of practices from late August through early December, the players of Carrollton Lacrosse returned in early January to begin the 2014 season. The Allstate Sugar Bowl Lacrosse Tournament is the traditional start of the lacrosse season in the Gulf South. Over 60 teams and over 1,200 players participated in the 2014 tournament, including the four Carrollton teams.

In 2011, the first Sugar Bowl Tournament for Carrollton was hardly glamorous. The one mixed aged boys’ team consisted of 20 players, all brand new to lacrosse, and we lost every game. Fast forward to 2014, and the U15 boys (with five of the remaining original players) went undefeated and won the U15 division. On the way to the first ever tournament title for Carrollton Lacrosse, the U15 boys defeated three local powerhouse programs – Brother Martin (5-0), Jesuit (7-1) and St. Paul’s (8-2).

Through the first three weeks of the season, the boys’ collective record (all three teams) is 10-5-3. The girls recorded their first win in only their second weekend of play, which is remarkable. The teams will compete every weekend (except Mardi Gras) through mid-April. Our season consists of weekly match play as well as a mix of tournaments throughout the area.

Carrollton Lacrosse is a model for clubs developing lacrosse programs in the area. In Louisiana, we have the largest number of players, are the only co-ed program, and we are putting competitive teams on the field in all age groups. The future is certainly bright, and with the Sugar Bowl Tournament championship, the present is pretty sweet.

Carrollton Adds Girls Lacrosse

Lacrosse for girls nine and older is coming to Carrollton Boosters!!! For the 2013-14 season, Carrollton will have the first girl’s lacrosse team(s) in the city. Our boys are starting their fourth year of play, and we are excited to add a girls program to Carrollton Lacrosse.

The girl’s prorgram will be headed by Luella Williams. Luella played lacrosse in college and is actively involved in youth sports in New Orleans. Her contact information is

Luella Williams
(504) 338-9946

As a means of developing a list of interested players, please either email Luella or complete the form below and submit it to Luella.

Click here to indicate your interest in Carrollton Boosters' Girls' Lacrosse

The plan is to hold developmental practices in the fall and then play games and tournaments during the spring season. There are other girl’s teams in the region, so the Carrollton girls will have competition for games and tournament play.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Carrollton Lacrosse.

Carrollton Lacrosse 2013-14 Season

As we have done in the past, our season begins with a camp in late August and then a series of once a week practices until mid-December.  All of this is collectively referred to as Fall Ball, and it allows us to accomplish several very important tasks:

    Here are the key dates and times for the Fall Ball events…

    Carrollton Lacrosse Camp
    Tuesday August 27th, Wednesday August 28th and Thursday August 29th
    6:00pm to 8:00pm
    Avenger Field (next to Children’s Hospital)

    Fall Ball Practices
    Tuesday Evenings (September 3rd to December 10th)
    6:00pm to 7:30pm
    Avenger Field (next to Children’s Hospital)

    The cost for Fall Ball (camp and practices) is $125.  Registration is through an email to me, and payment (cash or check) is to Doug Mills.  We use the proceeds from Fall Ball to pay for the majority of the program’s expenses throughout the year – lacrosse balls, nets, referee fees, tournament fees and field rentals.  There is a separate charge for the playing season ($175 for 2014) and that registration and fee payment will be on line with Carrollton Boosters starting in October.

    To register for Fall Ball, email me at this address
    dmills@gillis.com or at lacrosse@carrolltonboosters.org.  All I need is your son’s name and date of birth and that’s it.  I will collect payment from you during the camp.

    For the camp (and the beginning of Fall Ball practices) each player will need a lacrosse stick.  You can purchase a stick at Southern Lacrosse in Harahan (1517 Kuebel Street and 826-9425), Dick’s Sporting Goods in Lakeside or online at multiple outlets.  Jackie Smart at Southern Lacrosse is very helpful, and we are happy to help support her local shop.  Jackie will also be at the camp and early practices to answer equipment questions and fill equipment orders.

    We want the boys in full gear as soon as possible (October 1
    st by the latest).  Returning players should bring all of their gear starting with the camp.  New players can certainly buy their gear before the camp and bring it to the camp/early practices.  The complete list of equipment includes:

      For camp and practices, the boys wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt.  We will have practice jerseys to go over their pads.

      We will hold all of our practices and many of our games at Avenger Field.  It is the finest youth lacrosse facility in the Gulf South, with field turf, lighting, rest rooms, concession stand and we are fortunate to have it as our home. 

      We will field four teams this year – U11, U13, U15 and U17/JV. 

      I continue to work on creation of a girls’ team, but at this time I have not found a coach to help form and run the program. More details on this as they develop.

      Email me with any questions.  I want us to get off to a great start with Fall Ball, so I am happy to help you sort through any and all issues.  I am fired up to get back on the lacrosse field and I know the boys are too. Enjoy the rest of your summer and thank you for your support of Carrollton Lacrosse.


      Doug Mills
      Carrollton Lacrosse
      (504) 952-9056 Cell

      The 2013 lacrosse season is underway, and the third year of Carrollton Lacrosse promises to be the best yet.  For the first time, we will field three squads - U11, U13 and U15 and have almost 50 players in the program. 
      For the 2013 season we have five volunteer coaches, all of whom played lacrosse in college – Ned Rider (Washington & Lee), Pike Howard (UVA), Sean Carrigan (Hamilton), Mike Turi (Tulane) and Romaine Peters (Ole Miss).  The boys are extremely fortunate to have such a wealth of lacrosse knowledge at their disposal. These coaches bring the technical know how and real game experiences that have helped speed the development of the individual players and the program as a whole.
      We compete against youth lacrosse clubs and middle school teams from Lafayette to Baton Rouge and on both sides of Lake Pontchartrain.  Our schedule includes home & away games against the following teams:
      ·       Christian Brothers School
      ·       Christ Episcopal School
      ·       Lafayette Hurricanes
      ·       Baton Rouge Mustangs
      ·       Northshore Lacrosse
      ·       Crescent City Lacrosse
      ·       Jesuit 8th Grade
      ·       St. Paul’s 8th Grade
      In addition to the weekly games, we will play in the end of season NOLAX tournament.  Each of the three squads will play between 10 and 12 games in the season which runs from late January to mid-April.  Youth lacrosse is growing rapidly in the Gulf Coast area, and Carrollton Lacrosse is proud to be at the forefront of this growth. 
      The lacrosse program at Carrollton has several facets, all building toward the season.  The major parts are:
      Lacrosse Camp (Late August) - three day instructional camp designed to introduce the basics of the game to new players and to reinforce skills for returning player.
      Fall Ball Practices (September to December) - once a week practices to teach and develop the basic skills of lacrosse (throwing, catching, ground balls, cradling, dodges and shooting) so that players will be better prepared for the playing season.
      Regular Season (early January to mid-April) - twice a week practices and games on the weekends. 
      Look for more updates as the season progresses and info on the 2014 season as we get close to August.  If you have any questions or would like more information on Carrollton Lacrosse, please contact Doug Mills.
      Doug Mills
      Carrollton Lacrosse
      504.952.9056 Cell
      504.619.5063 Work

      Carrollton Lacrosse

      The fastest growing sport in America – lacrosse – is coming to Carrollton Boosters. For the 2011 season, Carrollton Boosters will field a boys’ lacrosse team to participate in the New Orleans Middle School League.

      The team is open to all boys who are in the 5th, 6th or 7th grade. The team will be developmental – teaching all of the fundamentals of lacrosse – but also competitive in that we will play games against other teams and enter one or two area tournaments. This is not an intramural league (yet), so all of our competition will be against other clubs or school teams. There are eight existing teams (club or school) in the area, so we will have plenty of opponents to play.

      A series of demonstrations of lacrosse will be held in September and October to give everyone – parents and boys – a better idea about the sport. While there are several high schools playing lacrosse in New Orleans, and the college games are on TV now, many in New Orleans are unfamiliar with the sport. My thought is that once you see it played, you will fall in love with the sport. It combines all of the best parts of soccer, basketball and hockey with the hand/eye coordination skills of baseball and results in THE FASTEST GAME ON GRASS!

      Almost everyone entering the Carrollton Lacrosse program will be a novice, so a great deal of instruction and coaching will be required. We will have a number of former college players and others who will serve with me to teach the boys the fundamentals and begin the process of creating a competitive team. It will not all happen in the first season, but we look to establish Carrollton Boosters as a premier lacrosse program in the near future.

      Registration will take place in October/November 2010, and a series of “fall ball” practices will take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas to begin the training process. The season will begin after New Years, and our first game will be in early February. We will likely play 10-12 games in the 2011 season.

      As with Carrollton Booster football, each player will be required to provide their own equipment. For lacrosse that includes a lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads and lacrosse gloves. The boys play in athletic shorts and cleats. We will have more information about ordering equipment available as we get closer to the season.

      Once the season begins in January 2011, we will practice twice a week at Avenger Field, next to Children’s Hospital. The field has lights, so we will be able to practice in the evening. All games will be on Saturdays and all games will be local. Last year, most of the middle school games were played at Tulane University.

      Check the Carrollton Booster website for updates and key dates for the program. If you have any questions, please contact me (information is below).

      Doug Mills
      Carrollton Lacrosse
      504.952.9056 Cell
      504.899.0403 Home