2014-15 Lacrosse registration now open


Registration for the 2014-15 Carrollton Lacrosse season is now open.  As in past years, we’ll do a three evening camp to kick things off, and then once a week Fall Ball practices to teach the new players the game and allow the returning players to hone their skills.  Here are some key dates and information:

Carrollton Lacrosse Camp

Tuesday September 2
nd, Wednesday September 3rd and Thursday September 4th
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Avenger Field (next to Children’s Hospital)

Fall Ball Practices

6:00pm to 7:30pm
Avenger Field
First practice is September 9
th and last practice is December 9th


$150 per player – includes the Camp and Fall Ball Practices
Payment is to
Doug Mills
1456 Arabella Street
New Orleans, LA   70115

Payment can be made the first night of camp


Email the following information to lacrosse@carrolltonboosters.org
Player’s Name
Date of Birth


A couple of other items, especially for the new folks.  The Camp and Fall Ball are all about getting ready to play lacrosse.  It is separate and distinct from our playing season which is in the spring. 
It is imperative that new players attend the Camp and Fall Ball in order to play in the spring.  We don’t have the time or resources to teach new players lacrosse in the spring – we are preparing for games/tournaments at that point.

For returning players, bring all of their pads and equipment to the Camp and Fall Ball practices.  For new players, I will work with parents to make sure it is clear what gear is needed and how best to obtain that gear.  Hopefully Jackie Smart from Southern Lacrosse will be on hand to help in this process.

I believe all of our coaches are back from last year, and I am always looking to add new coaches as well.  Here’s what I need from you and your sons –
spread the word about Carrollton Lacrosse!!!  Have anyone interested contact me.  We had over 80 boys last season, and I hope to have well over 100 boys this year.  Our fifth year promises to be our best ever.

More details to follow in the coming weeks.  I will be updating the email list as people register.  If you want me to delete you from the list, just let me know.  Thanks.


Doug Mills
Carrollton Lacrosse
(504) 952-9056 Cell

Carrollton Adds Girls Lacrosse

Lacrosse for girls nine and older is coming to Carrollton Boosters!!! For the 2013-14 season, Carrollton will have the first girl’s lacrosse team(s) in the city. Our boys are starting their fourth year of play, and we are excited to add a girls program to Carrollton Lacrosse.

The girl’s prorgram will be headed by Luella Williams. Luella played lacrosse in college and is actively involved in youth sports in New Orleans. Her contact information is

Luella Williams
(504) 338-9946

As a means of developing a list of interested players, please either email Luella or complete the form below and submit it to Luella.

Click here to indicate your interest in Carrollton Boosters' Girls' Lacrosse

The plan is to hold developmental practices in the fall and then play games and tournaments during the spring season. There are other girl’s teams in the region, so the Carrollton girls will have competition for games and tournament play.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Carrollton Lacrosse.

Carrollton Lacrosse

The fastest growing sport in America – lacrosse – is coming to Carrollton Boosters. For the 2011 season, Carrollton Boosters will field a boys’ lacrosse team to participate in the New Orleans Middle School League.

The team is open to all boys who are in the 5th, 6th or 7th grade. The team will be developmental – teaching all of the fundamentals of lacrosse – but also competitive in that we will play games against other teams and enter one or two area tournaments. This is not an intramural league (yet), so all of our competition will be against other clubs or school teams. There are eight existing teams (club or school) in the area, so we will have plenty of opponents to play.

A series of demonstrations of lacrosse will be held in September and October to give everyone – parents and boys – a better idea about the sport. While there are several high schools playing lacrosse in New Orleans, and the college games are on TV now, many in New Orleans are unfamiliar with the sport. My thought is that once you see it played, you will fall in love with the sport. It combines all of the best parts of soccer, basketball and hockey with the hand/eye coordination skills of baseball and results in THE FASTEST GAME ON GRASS!

Almost everyone entering the Carrollton Lacrosse program will be a novice, so a great deal of instruction and coaching will be required. We will have a number of former college players and others who will serve with me to teach the boys the fundamentals and begin the process of creating a competitive team. It will not all happen in the first season, but we look to establish Carrollton Boosters as a premier lacrosse program in the near future.

Registration will take place in October/November 2010, and a series of “fall ball” practices will take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas to begin the training process. The season will begin after New Years, and our first game will be in early February. We will likely play 10-12 games in the 2011 season.

As with Carrollton Booster football, each player will be required to provide their own equipment. For lacrosse that includes a lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads and lacrosse gloves. The boys play in athletic shorts and cleats. We will have more information about ordering equipment available as we get closer to the season.

Once the season begins in January 2011, we will practice twice a week at Avenger Field, next to Children’s Hospital. The field has lights, so we will be able to practice in the evening. All games will be on Saturdays and all games will be local. Last year, most of the middle school games were played at Tulane University.

Check the Carrollton Booster website for updates and key dates for the program. If you have any questions, please contact me (information is below).

Doug Mills
Carrollton Lacrosse
504.952.9056 Cell
504.899.0403 Home